So, how did Amouranth became so popular? Let's start from the very beginning. A really interesting person to talk about.. As of 2023, she is in our TOP!


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Caitlin Siragusa was born in Houston, Texas, USA on December 2, 1993. The girl's ancestors include: English, Italian, Irish and Cherokee Indians. Caitlin is an American citizen. From an early age, the girl loved working with different materials. From fabrics and accessories she created interesting things. By the way, this knowledge came in handy for her further career. 

Amouranth is known as a bold cosplay model. Her activities include: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. She is also a frequent streamer on Twitch. There, the streamer has more than five million followers as of summer 2021. Caitlin's adult audience material can be viewed on the OnlyFans platform. There are an impressive number of scandals associated with Siragus' work. The blogger has faced: bans; blackmail; unfounded accusations. However, such actions have boosted her popularity, attracting hundreds of new subscribers. We found some of Amouranth leaked photos here (Amouranth)

Details of life 

Apart from the fact that the girl was a creative person from an early age, there is no other information about her period of growth and development. She herself is not outspoken about her family. She mentions in passing that her parents were very strict. Raised her in conservative values. From the age of 16 Caitlin Siragusa became famous as a designer of cosplay costumes. By the way, the girl was even noticed by the Houston Grand Opera. Caitlin's talent was appreciated. She was given the opportunity to design exclusive costumes. Caitlin has no shortage of fans. A million online fans are ready to go offline. However, the blogger has chosen a real-life boyfriend. The young man's name is Nick Lee. Incidentally, the streamer used to be friends with Matt Barr, but there was no mention of him on the pages. Two years ago, Caitlin had a net worth of half a billion dollars. Her income comes from page earnings, which can bring in $5,800 for each post, and her YouTube channel, which brings in $3,500 a month.