After Jessica Nigri Onlyfans leaked pictures appeared on the web, her popularity skyrocketed. Smartness, sexuality, passion: how she makes it? Year 2023 will show how does she manage it


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How did Jessica Nigri conquer the hearts of her followers with her hottest photos

The mind-blowing Jessica Nigri

Jessica was born in the small American town of Reno (Nevada) on August 5, 1989 but grew up in New Zealand, where her mother was from. At the age of nine, she and her family moved to Arizona. She has at least two brothers, one older and one younger. The older one is a musician with his band (THE WYLD). The younger one is an avid gamer.

Jessica Nigri is an American photo and cosplay model, as well as an actress, musician and artist, whose popularity came after the San Diego Comic-Con gaming show in 2009. At the time, Jessica appeared in public wearing a Pikachu costume (a character from the anime cartoon Pokémon). See some of her photos here (Jessica Nigri)

Jessica Nigri: cosplayer

Cosplay has become an integral part of such events. The organisers often organise competitions among cosplayers because it is always fun and attracts more people.

Jessica attracts her fans not only with her cosplay and her beauty, but also with her openness. She graciously interacts with her fans on social media and also never refuses to be photographed together at an event.

Jessica Nigri shows up each year in public dressed as different computer games characters. There are communities all over the internet where people gather photos, discuss Jessica Nigri's cosplays and just chat amongst themselves.

Jessica Nigri: active gamer

Jessica, however, is an active gamer herself. She started collecting her own collection of games since she was about seven years old. She almost certainly inherited this hobby from her father, who is also an experienced gamer.

She often shows members of her family on the MailMonday programme on her YouTube channel. It's not uncommon for her father to be sitting at yet another online game wearing a T-shirt with the WatchDog logo on it, for example.

But apart from games and anime, she has other hobbies. Jessica likes outdoor activities: jogging, walking, mountain climbing, being outdoors.

She's also actively involved in rowing and occasionally takes part in marathons. She says it helps to keep her balance considering how much time she spends at the computer.

Jessica's friends include quite a few other famous cosplayers like Monique Lee, Yaya Khan, her protégé Lindsay Elias. Instagram and Twitter are literally overflowing with photos of them meeting together, not only at festivals but also in everyday life.

Like anyone her age, she also has a personal life. She is currently dating James Soprovich, co-founder of CherrySause.