It is necessary to study in detail the specifics of the industry in order to understand the basic needs of customers and the key features of your product.


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Without proper immersion in the subject matter of the project, it will be difficult to achieve good results in promotion...

Analysis of competitors in the market and in search engines is needed to assess the difficulty of getting into the TOP-10 search engines. Perhaps there will be very few competitors in the search results on your topic, and the quality of their sites will leave much to be desired, in which case it will not be difficult to take high positions in the search results. Use this SEO books download source to learn the foundations.

The opposite may be the case. With a large amount of competition in search, the quality of web resources naturally also grows, since in a fierce struggle for a place in the TOP, you have to constantly improve the project, introduce new ideas, make it more user-friendly, more attractive in terms of design, and so on. In this case, you will have to plan a much larger budget for SEO and website improvements. An excellent example of a very competitive topic would be the plastic window industry. Website promotion in this area will require a lot of money and time for optimization.

Also, at this step, you can spy on competitors' interesting features and ideas that can be quickly implemented on your project. Don't reinvent the wheel, but remember to always strive to do better than your competitor.

One of the most important and crucial stages in the process of website promotion, beginners often do not pay enough attention to it and this is a big mistake, since this step is the basis for guidance for all subsequent actions!

At this stage, we collect all the key phrases by which your Internet project will be promoted. After that, the phrases must be clustered (distributed into groups) and for each group its own landing page (the page on which the phrases will be promoted, if it is already on the site) must be defined.

At the previous stages, we collected information about competitors and their advantages, and also, received a list of key phrases for which we will do SEO-promotion, now you can act - and, surely, SEO ebooks can help on this stage as well.

At the stage of collecting semantics, we divided the phrases into groups. For each of the groups, it is necessary to prepare a landing page where requests will be promoted.

Careful design of the site structure is required so that each cluster of phrases has a landing page. Please note that further sections or pages may be added to the structure.

Optimize content

Before we get into the details, remember a very simple axiom: "Content is king." It is for the sake of content that users visit your web resource, so it must be of very high quality.

At this step, you need to place content on the site, if it was not there before. If you publish texts, articles, they should also contain images, links to similar materials. If you are selling products, then product cards should contain descriptions, photos of products, delivery terms, price, conversion elements, and so on.

Let's take a closer look at optimizing content for search engines.

In 2020, text factors continue to heavily influence search engine rankings. The main key phrases must be present on the page. Remember that keywords on the page should be placed organically, the text should be easy for users to read and solve their problems. If you use key phrases inappropriately and openly spam them, you can fall out of the favor of search engines and lose your position. We reccommend the Big Book of Digital Marketing PDF for beginners.

In some areas, this item can be attributed to basic optimization. For example, on the pages of online stores, landline phone numbers, buttons for ordering goods, a basket, and so on must be present. These factors can have a positive impact on the behavioral characteristics and ranking of a site in search engines.

External website optimization is the process of getting links to your website from external resources. It should be started after the complete completion of all basic internal work.

In the early days of the Internet and search engines, link factors were the strongest when calculating site rankings. The more links from high-quality and authoritative documents lead to a page, the stronger it became in terms of PS. External links still have a big impact on the position of a web resource, but now such optimization should be done much more carefully due to the risk of imposing sanctions from the PS.