I have analyzed the economic overview of Ajman Free Zone, one of the oldest and fastest-growing free zones in the UAE.


My Perspective on Ajman Free Zone Directory Blue
AFZ is a diversified free zone with a mix of trading, manufacturing, and service industries.

Let me share with you some statistics and my insights on this promising free zone.

Advantages of Ajman Free Zone

  • Location: Ajman Free Zone is strategically located in the heart of the UAE, with easy access to other major cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • Cost-effectiveness: According to the Ajman Chamber of Commerce, AFZ's rental rates are 25% to 30% lower than those of other free zones, making it more affordable for startups and small businesses.
  • Business-friendly policies: AFZ's regulatory framework is transparent and supportive of businesses. It offers 100% foreign ownership, zero personal and corporate tax, and no customs duty for goods and services.
  • Infrastructure: The free zone provides world-class facilities and infrastructure, such as modern offices, warehouses, and logistics services.

Key Sectors in Ajman Free Zone

AFZ is a diversified free zone with a mix of trading, manufacturing, and service industries.

  • Trading: AFZ is a major hub for food and beverage, electronics, and automotive trade in the UAE. According to AFZ's official website, over 60% of the free zone's companies are involved in trading activities.
  • Manufacturing: AFZ has a dedicated manufacturing zone that caters to various industries, such as textiles, plastics, and packaging. According to AFZ, the manufacturing sector contributes 20% to the free zone's GDP.
  • Services: AFZ offers a wide range of service-based activities, such as consulting, IT, media, and advertising. Service companies make up around 15% of the free zone's businesses.

Reference: https://yourtaxadvice.com/offers/mainland-company-formation-in-ajman/

Business Opportunities in Ajman Free Zone

AFZ offers various business opportunities to investors, entrepreneurs, and companies.

  • New company setup: According to AFZ's official website, setting up a new company in AFZ takes only one day and requires minimal documentation. Foreign investors can own 100% of the company and enjoy tax exemptions and other incentives.
  • Branch office: Existing companies can establish a branch office in AFZ and benefit from the free zone's infrastructure and facilities.
  • E-commerce: AFZ has launched an e-commerce platform, AFZ e-commerce, that enables businesses to sell their products online and reach a wider audience.


Ajman Free Zone is a competitive free zone in the UAE that offers numerous advantages, sectors, and business opportunities to investors. Its affordable cost, business-friendly policies, diversified industries, and state-of-the-art infrastructure make it a smart choice for startups, SMEs, and multinational corporations. With over 8,000 companies from more than 140 countries, AFZ is a thriving business community that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth.