An important positive feature of a modern monitor can be recognized as Flicker-Free backlighting (flicker-free). The vast majority of gaming displays have it, but there are exceptions in which a hybrid system is used (flicker appears only in a certain range of brightness changes) or the flicker frequency is almost always at the level of 200-400 Hz, which can (but not necessarily) lead to increased fatigue.


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Connectors and additional functions

The necessary set of ports and additional features is an extremely subjective topic, so we will simply list the main points that should be taken into account when choosing

Number of HDMI and DisplayPort connectors

It is better to connect a gaming PC to a computer via DP, as this standard is guaranteed to support HDR, high frame rates above 120 Hz and high resolutions.

HDMI today exists in several versions with different specifications, which are also sensitive to the quality and version of the cable. For a gaming monitor, a set of one Displayport 1.4 and two HDMI 2.0 is optimal for connecting, for example, game consoles.

Stand dimensions

Gaming monitors are created in a specific design, which does not always take into account the ergonomics of placement on the table. Pay attention to the scope of the legs, the depth of the stand and the number of movable joints.

VESA mount available

Not all monitors have standard desktop or wall mount holes, especially thin models.

Sound output

The 3.5mm jack is useful when connecting multiple sources to a single monitor without speakers. In order not to install a separate AV receiver, you can output sound to the speakers from a monitor to which the sound comes along with the video sequence via DP or HDMI. For a headset, this is not the best option, since the microphone will not work.
USB hub.

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