Manufacturers indicate the power level in watts. You need to measure the area of ​​the room. If the room has an area of ​​50 sq.m. and more, you need to buy equipment where the power parameter is indicated from 200 watts. The soundbar needs to be bought with a small margin of power.


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With this in mind, it makes sense to decide whether you make high demands on the quality of the sound of music. If you only need music for background listening, and a soundbar to sound movies and games, and at the same time you do not want to buy a component home theater or stereo system, then modern models will satisfy your needs by 100%. We now turn to the selection criteria following this article

High End level models.

As in most cases, when choosing modern audio equipment, you need to understand that it is far from always possible to trust the values ​​u200bu200bindicated in the passport, unless we are talking about High End level models. In the passport characteristics of soundbars, you can find values ​​u200bu200bof both 20-30 watts and 300 watts, and none of them will be completely correct. Some manufacturers indicate the peak power of the built-in amplifiers for each channel, others - for all channels at once together, someone tries to be honest and report values ​​with normalized distortion. That is, the spread of the given figures is quite large.

The reality is this - as a rule, the nominal power of the amplifier modules built into the soundbar is from 15 to 50 watts per channel. And then it all depends on the order in which they are turned on, on whether each of them sounds one head or several, and on the total number of installed amplifiers. The sound pressure level produced by the soundbar will also be determined by whether the power of the amplifiers is limited to better match the speakers and reduce distortion.

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