If all wireless headphones have a built-in audio chip, then in wired headphones, only models with a USB connection have it. This is where the main difference lies.


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How are USB headphones different from regular headsets?

In our experience, even inexpensive USB headphones produce better sound than Realtek's lower-end (the most common) plug-in. But then again, if you have a high-quality separate audio card, then it is better to use headphones connected via a classic 3.5 mm mini-jack.

Do you need 7.1 sound in gaming headphones?

Needed, but it's more of a marketing gimmick. Absolutely any headphones can be "friends" with a virtual three-dimensional environment. This does not even always require special software or drivers: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and many other popular online shooters have built-in improved 3D sound processing (you need to activate it in the settings and specify headphones as the audio device used).

Therefore, we would not recommend choosing headphones for the presence of 7.1 sound: all such models still use only two speakers and, in fact, give out the usual stereo. It's just that such models usually come with drivers and proprietary software that activates a virtual three-dimensional environment. But, as we said above, getting a simulated 3D sound is not so difficult on .

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Will the built-in microphone work for video recording or Twitch streaming?

For recording videos on YouTube - definitely not. The sound quality for videos is even more important than the picture (just remember how many times you turned off the video if the author's microphone wheezes). And for streaming, the built-in microphone may be fine, if at least your voice is not distorted. On Twitch, viewers' attention is usually not on the depth or beauty of your voice, but on your performance. That is, it is enough that there is simply no unnecessary noise and the speech sounds clear, the microphone does not have to be able to transmit all shades of the voice. The latter is needed more for videos - Wikipedia as a reference.