If there is no task to optimize the budget for the purchase, then we will give you recommendations on the most useful and thoughtful accessories. This will be an almost perfect selection for the selected grill model. Of course, you don’t have to buy everything at once.


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How to choose the Best natural gas grills under $500 in 2022?

This list includes basic accessories (cylinder, tools, gloves, brush), as well as devices for the correct and convenient preparation of various dishes. They greatly expand the possibilities of the grill, make it more fun to use. If you open a detailed description of a grill model on our website, you will see recommended accessories for it after the description.

Initially, the choice of accessories should be based on what you plan to cook with them. Start from what kind of food you are more accustomed to. For example, if your family loves chicken, then you definitely need a stand for roasting chicken on beer / marinade. If you like pizza, pies or dream of baking bread, then you need a ceramic stone for all this.

Over time, you will try new recipes (after buying a grill, we will send you a large number of very tasty recipes) and understand what accessory is needed to cook a particular dish. At your fingertips you will have our verified list of smart things from which you can choose the one you need. You do not have to turn the entire Internet, go to different stores, compare analogues, choose something on a whim. In practice, we have repeatedly seen that even tongs are different tongs. What can we say about more specific accessories.

A stone for pizza and any pastries, coasters for roasting ribs and large pieces of meat, a chicken roaster, a perforated pan, etc. - it is important to understand whether all this will work in your grill, will it fit in it? The selection of accessories brings us back to the choice of the grill: the larger it is, the more functional it is and is adapted to work with the maximum variety of accessories. In a small grill, for example, some frequently used accessories may simply not fit.

When choosing the best natural gas grills under 500, think about what you like to eat, look at what accessories are designed to cook those dishes, and then check if they are suitable for the grill you want to buy. This is a very simple process. 

Best gas grills: Brand information

Broil King Gas grills under $500

Broil King is a trademark of the Onward Manufacturing Company (OMC). OMC is a family company founded by Theodor Adam Witzel in 1904 in Waterloo, Canada. The company is currently run by three brothers Ted, Terry and Tim.

Broil King gas grills are represented by a large line, consisting of several series. They are produced exclusively in factories located in North America: in the cities of Huntington and Dixon in the USA, as well as in the city of Waterloo in Canada.

Broil King are thoughtful and functional grills with a number of very interesting technological solutions. Classic design without frills, balance, skewer in the basic configuration of many models - buyers especially pay attention to these points.

Broil King provides extended warranties for its products, up to a lifetime on individual structural elements.

The brand also produces charcoal grills and smokers, a large line of grill accessories.

Napoleon Gas grills under $500

Napoleon is also a Canadian family business. In 1976, a young engineer, Wolfgang Schroeter, opened a steel manufacturing plant in Barry, Ontario, Canada. In 1981, the Napoleon brand appeared, under which wood-burning stoves were produced. Currently, Napoleon is one of the largest manufacturers of grills, stoves, fireplaces in North America. The company's enterprises are located in Canada, the USA and China.

Napoleon specializes in gas grills, although the brand has several interesting charcoal models in its range, including smokers. The brand has a wide range of grill accessories.

A feature of the gas direction of the brand is the presence in many models of a powerful ceramic infrared burner, which is especially good for steaks. Along with manufacturability, the manufacturer pays great attention to design in grills.

As befits premium brands, Napoleon also provides extended warranties for its products, up to a lifetime on individual design elements.