There are many additional functions: programmable keys, playback control buttons and a special wheel. The latter can be configured to perform many different actions, from scrolling the page to adjusting the brightness of the RGB backlight.


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What is the Best keyboard for programming?


So what is programming? Programming is the writing of applications based on certain rules, some of which are listed in our article. Now you understand what development is at a basic level. We wish you success on your way to mastering the skill of programming. If you understand that JavaScript is not for you, find out which programming language is suitable for a beginner. Read details here Best keyboard for developers.

Best mechanical keyboard for programming

We've tested every gaming keyboard on this list for at least a week, checking for ease of use across genres of games, including FPS, strategy, and MOBA. The software of each model was also tested and analyzed to understand how easy it is to set it up.

The ogitech G Pro is a great compact mechanical keyboard for gamers that replaces MX Cherry switches with Logitech GX.

The best keyboard for a programmer is one that works flawlessly. In general, what does a programmer need to work? Knowledge in the head and a good laptop or computer for work. If everything seems to be clear with laptops, they have their own built-in keyboard, which they pay attention to last, because they first look at the characteristics of the laptop itself and the price. But with a computer, things are a little different. There, the keyboard is a separate component that needs to be selected just like everything else. Today we will tell you what to look for when choosing a laptop keyboard.

The best keyboard for a programmer

The best keyboard for a programmer is one that behaves like a real "friend":

  • trouble-free in work;
  • convenient to use;
  • pleases the eye with its appearance.

The choice of keyboard is very individual, while the emotional component of the programmer's work will depend on the "correct" model. After all, if the keyboard is stable, does not make unnecessary noise, with a convenient layout and a bunch of necessary “goodies”, this primarily affects the working comfort of the programmer, because he has to work directly with the keyboard for several hours a day.