With a capacious battery, the peak power of the motor is higher, but only within the limits of the possible. If you install a weak battery on a powerful motor, or vice versa, the resulting power and speed will be very low, since the equipment will not be able to exceed its design capacity. Therefore, it makes no sense to install powerful equipment when the rest is weak.


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2022 update: Choosing The Best ebike under $2000

Eltreco Green City E-Alfa (2021)

  • wheel size: 24 inches;
  • maximum distance: 40 kilometers;
  • maximum speed: 35 kilometers per hour;
  • motor power: 350W;
  • number of speeds: 1, entry-level transmission;
  • weight: 34 kilograms;
  • maximum load: 130 kilograms;
  • features: shock absorption front and rear, soft seat for the passenger, headlight, mirrors, large basket in front.

Not just https://digitalflip.co/gadgets/Best_electric_bike_under_2000/, but rather a small electric moped with a second seat in the back. Moreover, it is with a back, soft and even sprung. The front wheel is also amortized by a simple spring-elastomer fork, its initial characteristics are not very good, and in the cold such a fork completely dubs. Brakes front and rear drum. This model deserves attention, at least for its unusualness. The 350W motor is not particularly dynamic, but still drags two people with a small load in the front basket. In total, you can drive up to 40 kilometers, if you do not help the pedals at all. What disadvantages can be noted? The design turned out to be very heavy and clumsy, it would be expensive to drag it into the apartment every time. The model is more suitable for giving, where there is a barn or garage. The speed is one, if the battery runs out, the driver will have a hard time.

Back to the West

In Europe and the US, interest in e-bikes has declined since Benjamin Bowden's "Classic". Nevertheless, even during the calm years, their stars “shone” here. For example, the German market leader in the 70s was the Solo Electra, the first mass-produced electric bike released in 1973. It had a Bosch engine, and on one charge it was possible to drive up to 37 km.

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