In such an experiment, ten minutes usually turn into long hours.


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Can you imagine an avid gamer sitting down to play for just a few minutes?

Say what you like, but computer games are a specific hobby, and it involves a long sitting position. An application reminding you to get up and stretch a little will not help here. And not every game allows you to be distracted, as a result, gamers sit almost motionless at the computer, sometimes sitting up for 12-16 hours.

Occupational diseases of gamers

What's so terrible about sitting for a long time playing games? First, the consequences of physical inactivity, unless, of course, the gamer does not go to the gym after battles behind the screen. And secondly, during the game, rarely does anyone think about the correct position of the body at the computer. In the heat of battle, we instinctively lean towards the screen to better see the little things and focus. The body moves forward, the back slouches, the head hangs down, the muscles are constantly in strong tension. Time to relax - the player leans back in the chair, again slouched over.

What is wrong with these provisions? In short, that's it. Due to the forward head, a disproportionate load on the spine is created, the working hand is on the mouse or controller for an unnaturally long time. It is not surprising that chronic stress of this kind leads to pain, poor posture and even serious diseases, for example, arthrosis of the joints and carpal tunnel syndrome - nerve compression. For more info check Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Gaming Chairs Under $300.